WWE Backlash 2020 PPV – 14th June 2020 Result And Review, Edge And Randy Orton Rivalry Ends In The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

WWE Backlash 2020 PPV – 6/14/2020 – 14th June 2020 Result And Review

Preview: The WWE Champion faces title challenge from The All Mighty, Braun Strowman gets unique challenge for the Universal Title, Asuka to put title on the line against Nia Jax and Edge and Randy Orton reignite rivalry hoping to author The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.

Match 1: Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) – Triple threat tag team match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Bell ring, with keeping mind the attacks on Raw from the IIconics, they entered this match with a vengeance to win the title back, but it seems little difficult as Bliss and Cross are frustrated of losing the title on SmackDown. Bayley and Banks were seen controlling the match at the beginning as they worked together by tagging each other more frequently.

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Bliss brought a big difference into the match where it seemed that she is very close to winning, but it was short-lived as Royce took everyone out of the ring with a suicide dive. As the brawl continued in and out of the ring, Bliss delivered Twisted Bliss to Royce, as she was about to pin her Banks rolls Bliss backwards and pins her to retain their tag team championship.

Winner: Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Match 2: Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus.

Bell ring, the issue between Hardy and Sheamus has become personal now. On the last edition of SmackDown, Hardy threw his urine over Sheamus during Hardy’s urine test, as Sheamus was trying to blame Hardy for the hit and run incident due to his drinking addiction a few weeks ago on Smackdown (READ/WATCH). Hardy made it clear that that the alcohol smell was from his clothes as he didn’t drink on his way heading to work that day (READ/WATCH).

Hardy then revealed that as per cops, there was a guy with red hair and beard at the incident and blamed Sheamus for it (READ/WATCH). During the match, Sheamus gave his all but Hardy kept on coming back, as Hrady somehow managed to lift his should at two counts after receiving Sheamus’ lethal weapon the White Noise. This fueled Sheamus with angry and he dominated Hardy in the ring.

Hardy seeing an opening delivered a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton bomb but this didn’t keep Sheamus down for three counts. Sheamus delivered Brough Kick to Hardy twice in and out of the ring and pins him to win the match.

Winner: Sheamus.

Match 3: Asuka vs. Nia Jax – WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Bell rings since Asuka has won the Raw Women’s Championship uniquely (READ/WATCH), Jax has been crashing all her celebration. Asuka has had opponents attacking her in and out of the ring in the past where she fought with them too, but this match became way more personal when Jax dismantled Kairi Sane on an edition of Raw (READ/WATCH). This fueled Asuka with anger, she headed into her match at Backlash with the championship and leave it too.

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Jax bought in the fight but Asuka gave her a tough fight too, numerous attempts by Jax to pin the champion was unsuccessful. Both women took the fight out of the ring, where they got disqualified as they forgot to respond to the ten-count by the referee.

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Winner: Asuka via DQ.

Match 4: Braun Strowman vs. The Miz and John Morrison – 2-on-1 Handicap Match for the WWE Universal Championship.

Bell rings, Miz and Morrison have crossed all the barriers in pulling prank over the Universal Champion Strowman on SmackDown (READ/WATCH). With the news breaking in that the person who pins Strowman will win be the Universal Championship, this fueled both Miz and Morrison to focus on this match and face Strowman.

Miz and Morrison did dominate Strowman at the beginning of the match, but the champion fought back. With the stipulation, as the person who pins the champion will get the title, this caused friction between Miz and Morrison. Seeing an opportunity Strowman delivers a chokeslam to Miz and a running power slam to Morrison and pins him to retain his title.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

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Match 5: Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship.

With MVP in Lashley’s corner, it seems that the match is in his favour already, as MVP has promised McIntyre that he will lose the WWE Championship at his expense and he will personally play a major role in it (READ/WATCH). Before the bell rings, Lashley quickly holds McIntyre in a full nelson submission, many officials ran towards the ring to stop this, Lashley then releases it.

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Bell rings, Lashley, dominated McIntyre at the beginning of the match as Lana watches it closely at the backstage. Both men brought in the fight and showcased why this match is important for them. Later, Lana entered the match and told the referee that he just cheated, seeing Lashley being distracted by this, McIntyre delivers Glasgow Kiss followed by a Claymore Kick to Lashley and pins him to retain the title.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Backstage, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders were seen in settling scores for, Anything You Can Do, We Can Do It Better!, Where they broke the windshield of Braun Strowman’s car and continued to fight backstage.

Later, Akira Tozawa appeared on his bike with some of his friends, seeing this The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders joined forces and fought with them. Tozawa them calls in a very tall guy as his backup who comes with a sword.

Seeing this The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders ran away, they then continued to fight with each other at the top of the production truck where they all took a fall to the garbage dump nearby.

Match 6: Edge vs. Randy Orton – Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.

Bell rings, heading into this match both men has some things to prove to themselves, for Edge he needed to prove that he can still wrestler out of retirement and be the best as wrestling is all that he knows to do in his entire life, on the other hand for Orton, many men have told him that he has been born in this business so he doesn’t know the sacrifices to be a wrestler. After their first clash at Wrestlemania 36 which Orton lost in the Last Man Standing match (READ/WATCH), Orton quickly issued another challenge to Edge on Raw to square up in a match to define who in the greatest wrestler (READ/WATCH).

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Edge accepted the challenge and with having doubt on his face, following week on Raw his best friend and former world champion Christian boosted some confidence to him on ‘The Peeps Show’ (READ/WATCH).

At the beginning of the match, Orton was seen dominating Edge, seeing an opening, Edge then delivered a flying head-butt out of the ring and it cut opens Orton’s forehead. As Edge was tired, Orton took control of the match and slammed him to the ringside barricade and at the announcing table. As we thought Orton was about to win, Orton quickly pulled a page from Eddie Guerrero’s playbook and delivered Three Amigos to Orton, then they continued to deliver chest chops to each other, reminding us of the famous wrestling matches between Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Ric Flair.

Orton then pulls a page from his father Bob Orton Jr. playbook and delivered a fisherman suplex from the top of the ropes to Edge. Both the men had the same move in mind and delivered running crossbody to each other at the same time. Edge then delivered a desperate DDT to Orton and tried to pin him but it was not enough to keep his shoulder down for three counts. Edge then delivered a crossbody to Orton from the top ropes in his vintage style but that was not enough like his previous attempt to keep Orton down.

Series of pinfall and submission were exchanged, Orton’s then delivered an Olympic Slam from Kurt Angle’s playbook to Edge, Edge responded with a power slam and both men attempted to pin but it was still not enough. Orton then delivered a DDT from the second ropes, as he was about to deliver the RKO, Edge avoids it and attacks him. Edge then sets up for a Spear but Orton avoids it, Orton then becomes a victim of reverse power slam but it was still not enough to get the win.

Orton then pulls a page from Triple H’s playbook and delivers the Pedigree to Edge, but that was not enough to put Edge down. Edge then pulls a page from The Rock’s playbook and quickly delivered a Rock Bottom to Orton, but it was not still enough to get the win. As Edge was about to hold Orton in a Sharpshooter, Orton kicked Edge away and delivered a swinging uppercut to him.

Edge then tried to pin Orton three times, Orton kicks out and delivered a quick RKO to Edge but it was still not enough as he kicked out at two counts. As Edge was desperately trying to get back on his feet, Orton sets up for the head kick at the side of the ring famously from his “Legend Killer” gimmick, as Orton approaches Edge, Edge delivered a Spear followed by another Spear, but it was still not enough to get the win as Orton kicked out at two counts.

At this point of time Edge was confused as he doesn’t know what to do to secure the win, as Edge tried to jump from the ring ropes springboard, Orton delivered an RKO and tried to pin Edge but it kicked out at two counts. Edge then hold The Viper in a submission called the ‘Anti Venom’ by his friend Christan, Orton pulls himself out of the submission and kicks Edge quickly on his head and pins him to get the victory.

Winner: Randy Orton.

After the match, the medical staff brought in the stretcher to carry Edge to the backstage, Edge refused to get in the stretcher.

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