WWE NXT 2019 – 9/11/19 – 11th September 2019 Live Result

WWE NXT 2019 – 9/11/19 – 11th September 2019 Live Result

Rhea Ripley figures to give NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler all she can handle in a non-title match on this week’s edition of NXT.

Show starts, Rhea Ripley makes her way to the WWE NXT.

Match 1: Damian Priest vs. BOA.

Bell rings, Priest was seen dominating BOA and slapped him. BOA did try to gain control of the match by attacking Priest only to get become a victim of falcon arrow followed by his finisher and pins BOA for victory.

Winner: Damian Priest

Johnny Gargano makes his way out to the ring to address the NXT Universe with regards to his future in this company. He spoke about his loss to a gruelling 2-out-of-3 Falls Match with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship at TakeOver: Toronto and still he received the longest standing ovation by the fans and he continues by saying that he lives for moments like this.

He then continued to speak about his future in NXT, as he was saying about this he was interpreted by Shane Throne and he states that Gargano is killing the TV time and he needs to stop playing with the emotions of the NXT Universe and advised him to walk away.

Hearing this Gargano does walks away but stops and says that still he needs to get the job done and attacks Throne and left the ring.

Match 2: Pete Dunne vs. Angle Garza.

Bell rings, Dunne goes straight to the ankle of Garza, as Garza breaks the hold. Dunne then goes for the nasty finger twist on Garza.

Later, Garza recovers and goes to attack Dunne but ends up getting beat up. Garza then pleads to Dunne to stop the beat down only to push Dunne out of the ring, Garza then rips his pants off.

In the ring, Garza was seen dominating Dunne with a great combination with his kicks. Dunne quickly gains momentum and attacks Garza and delivers a kick to the side of the head and goes for the pin and end up at two counts. Dunne then delivers a power slam to Garza and goes for the pin and ends up unsuccessful.

Garza then attacks Dunne and tries to pin and gets only two counts. Later, Garza goes for sault from over the ropes but lands up in a cross armbar position where he Dunne twisted his fingers as Garza taps out.

Winner: Pete Dunne.

Match 3: Raul Mendoza vs. Cameron Grimes.

Bell rings, Mendoza goes straight at the left arm of Grimes and continues to attack him with a knife-edge sharp chest chops.

Later, Grimes was seen hitting Mendoza with a dangerous clothesline and then grounded Mendoza by applying pressure to he left arm to the ring.

Mendoza gains momentum and climbs the ropes and jumps over Grimes and goes for the pin as Grimes kicks out. Mendoza the goes over the ropes and tries to deliver the phoenix splash as Grimes moves out, Grimes then hits a double jumping jack press on the chest of Mendoza and pins him for victory.

Winner: Cameron Grimes.

Match 4: Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler.

Bell rings, Ripley and Baszler lock horns, Baszler then tries to take down Ripley, as Ripley pushes her away. Baszler and Ripley hold each other in a wrist lock each at a time as Ripley slams Baszler to the ring.

Later, Baszler gained control over the match and was seen holding Ripley in a headlock in the centre of the ring. Ripley stands up and slams Baszler to the ring. Baszler then goes to the top of the ropes, seeing this Ripley kicks her out of the ring.

Out of the ring, Both Supersats were seen punching each other. Ripley gains momentum and slams Baszler face to the steel steps in an electric chair position. Seeing this Baszler’s friends tries to enter the ring and placed a steel chair in the ring. Baszler takes the chair and as the referee see this, Ripley grabs the chair and attacks Baszler.

Winner: Shayna Baszler – via disqualification.

Hugh match declared for next week where NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream defends his title against Roderick Strong on USA Network.

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