WWE Raw 2020 – 6/15/2020 – 15th June 2020 Live Result And Review

WWE Raw – 15th June 2020 Result And Review

Preview: When The Monday Night Messiah interrupts his interview, Rey Mysterio vows to make Seth Rollins pay for the hell he has forced the masked man’s family to endure.

The show begins, the winner of The Greatest Match Ever, Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring, he grabs the microphone and thanks Edge for bringing out the ‘Legend Killer’ in him at Backlash (READ/WATCH). He claimed that Edge was injured during the match, but he chose to punish him further and he won’t mind wrestling him once again when Edge is medically cleared.

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Hearing this Edge’s best friend Christain comes out and tells Orton that he know his friend very well, he will come back get his redemption. Orton then tells him that he sees what happening with Christain and he wants a piece of him, Orton then tells him to face tonight in an Unsanctioned Match only if he can and leaves the ring, Christian was left in doubt in the ring.

Match 1: Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens.

Bell ring, as the match begins, Owens took control of the match, seeing this Andrade comes out and started arguing with Garza, fed up this ongoing argument between them every week, Zelina Vega leaves then ring and heads backstage. Owens and Garza continued to fight in the ring, Owens delivered a vicious Stunner to Garza and pins him to get a clean win.

Winner: Kevin Owens.

After the match, Andrade and Garza were once again seen arguing in the ring, seeing this Vega comes out and tell them to stop fighting against each other and fight together as their target is the same.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP were seen talking about the fall out of last night and decided to address this in the ring soon.

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In the ring, Bobby Lashley and MVP were seen talking about their loss last night’s match, where MVP blames Lana for the loss. Hearing this Lana comes out and tell MVP to shut up. Lashley then took control of the situation as he was frustrated with his wife’s drama every week. He then asked for a divorce and leaves the ring.

Match 2: The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders vs. Akira Tozawa And His Ninja.

Bell rings, as we saw last night at Backlash, Tozawa introduces his new ninja friends, as the match begins, the team of The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders get a quick win.

Winner: The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders.

After the match, Tozawa enters the ring with his tall ninja friend, seeing this The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders gets help from the returning The Big Show, Show then takes out the other ninjas, seeing this Tozawa and the tallest ninja leaves the ring.

Backstage, Christain was seen on a phone call where he was being consulted on what could happen if he fights Orton tonight.

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In the ring, ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring, he grabs the microphone and tells that Rey Mysterio is a hero, hearing Mysterio appears on the titration and tells that Dominik is on his way to Raw.

Rollins then tells Mysterio that he should let Dominik join him for a better future. Mysterio then vowed that he will bring rage to anyone who touches his son. As Rollins was talking to Mysterio, Dominik appears and attacks him, seeing this Buddy Murphy & Austin Theory runs out to the ring. Dominik quickly runs out of the arena.

Backstage, MVP and Lashley were seen with R Truth where they were irritated by him.

Later, at the backstage, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was seen backing up 24/7 Champion R Truth against Bobby Lashley and MVP, where MVP demanded them to put their titles on the line, in a winner takes all match, R Truth agreed to it and left McIntyre in doubt.

Match 3: Liv Morgan and Natalya vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce).

Bell rings, last night The IIconics did prove that they are the no joke and brought the fight tonight against Morgan and Natalya. Frequently tags were exchanged but The IIconics got the win.

Winner: The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce).

After the match, The IIconics challenged WWE Women’s Tag Team Match Bayley and Sasha Banks for a championship match next week.

Backstage, Christain and Big Show were seen talking about Orton’s challenge for tonight, where Show tells that he has never seen Orton more sadistic and Christain should backup.

Backstage, Natalya blames Morgan for the loss, frustrated Morgan walks away. Natalya then meets Lana and they continued to talk.

At the entrance ramp, Christain declares that he accepts Orton challenge for the Unsanctioned Match tonight.

Backstage, MVP was seen with WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews, where MVP told him that he is making a mistake by putting the title on the line every week, MVP also told Crews to let him manage him to which he declined the offer.

Backstage, Ric Flair was seen with his daughter Charlotte Flair as they will be making their way out to the ring later tonight.

Match 4: Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin – WWE United States Championship Match.

Bell rings, Crews was all focused with his win last night and decided to keep his the winning streak alive tonight too, but it seems that Benjamin is all set to make an impact on Monday Night Raw. Benjamin did try to get a cheap win, but as he was arguing with the referee, Crews rolls him backwards and gets the pin.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

Backstage, R Truth was seen with Drew McIntyre, where McIntyre made him understand that if they lose tonight they will lose everything.

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Backstage, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders were seen thanking Big Show for this assistance tonight. Show then tells The Street Profits to put the title on the line against The Viking Raiders to know who is better between them.

Match 5: Drew McIntyre and R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley and MVP – WWE Championship on the line – Winner Takes All Match.

Bell rings, with Truth making a normal tag-team match a WWE Championship match, McIntyre started the match as he had no faith in his tag team partner. As McIntyre was about to finish the match, Truth tags himself in, MVP and Lashley took advantage of this and dominated Truth in and out of the ring.

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Somehow McIntyre manages to get the tag and he brings in the fight to MVP and Lashley. Once MVP delivers Claymore to MVP he tags Truth, Truth delivers a body splash from the top of the ropes and pins MVP for the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre and R-Truth.

Backstage, Ric Flair was seen with Christain, where he was telling Christain then he shouldn’t go out to fight Orton tonight.

In the ring, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley comes out to the ring, they said that they will be heading to WWE NXT this week and they will be in action on Smackdown as well.

They then addressed The IIconics’ challenge for their tag team titles earlier tonight, as they were speaking The IIconics comes out to the ring, to which Bayley and Banks mocked them as they said that eventually, they will be loosing again. Hearing this Peyton Royce punches Banks on her face. As Bayley wanted no violence on her birthday she accepts the challenge for next week.

Match 6: Asuka vs. Nia Jax – WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match.

Bell ring, since Asuka has won the Raw Women’s Championship many women in the locker room considers this was an effortless win as then-champion Becky Lynch handed her the title as she was pregnant. Jax who is a dominate force in WWE hates this fact and vows to dethrone her. They fought last night at WWE Backlash (READ/WATCH), where the match ended in a draw as both women were not able to respond to the ten counts by the referee.

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They squared up once again for the title, where Jax was dominated Asuka, at the closing moments of the match, as Jax was arguing with the referee, Asuka rolled her backwards and pins her for the victory.

Winner: Asuka.

Backstage, in an interview, the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton vowed to dismantle Christain with an RKO!

Match 7: Christian vs. Randy Orton – Unsanctioned Match.

Bell rings, as Orton issues this challenge earlier at the beginning of the show, Christain did doubt himself as he is still in his retirement, despite legends like Big Show and Ric Flair telling Christain not to fight he still choose to square up.

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As the match starts, Ric Flair comes out and stops Christian, Christian tells him that he needs to fight for his friend Edge. As the match resumes, Flair delivers a low blow to Christian from behind, Orton then kicks him on his head and pins him to get the win.

Winner: Randy Orton.

After the match, Orton assists his help to the medical team and puts Christian in a stretcher and smiles.

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