WWE Raw 2019 – 9/9/19 – 9th September 2019 Live Result

Show starts, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring and he talks about the memories he had at The Garden.

He then calls out the two men to sign the contract for the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Clash Of Champions – Braun Strowman and the Champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins made it clear that defending two championships at one night is not strange for him as he has done it before successfully. To which Strowman said that the will successfully defend their tag team championship but at the end of the night he will be the Universal Champion. Hearing this Rollins said to win the Universal title he has slayed the beast and to retain the title he will slay the monster.

Suddenly AJ Styles music hits and he comes out with the O.C guys and demanded the Universal Championship match as he is already the US Champion, he then continued by saying that the Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows deserves the tag team championship match and entered the ring. Seeing this Rollins and Strowman attacked the O.C as Austin delivered a stunner to Styles.

Match 1: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman vs. O.C (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

The match starts at OC frequently tags each other, Styles was even seen hitting Rollins with a cheap shot as the referee was distracted.

Desperately, Rollins tags Strowman, seeing this O.C goes double team on Strowman and he tags Rollins. As Rollins sets up for a superkick, Styles tries to enter the ring. Seeing this Anderson tries to roll Rollins backwards and goes for the pin as Rollins kicks out, Rollins then rolls Anderson backwards and pins him for victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

After the match, Rollins was attacked by Styles and Strowman was wounded ringside.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander.

Alexander does attack Styles at the beginning of the match and he was then attacked by the O.C in the ring. Seeing this The Viking Raiders runs to the ring to help Alexander and attacks Styles and O.C.

Winner: Cedric Alexander. (via disqualification).

Backstage, Sasha Banks and Bayley were seen talking to each other as they will take on the team of Becky Lynch and Charlotte later tonight.

After the commercial, a promo was played for cancer awareness. After the promo, Roman Reigns music hits and he comes out at the entrance ramp and talks about how he will be using the WWE platform and will showcase the cancer warriors story to the world. He then introduces a few cancer survivor kids and asked WWE Universe to show their support towards them.

Match 3: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte

Lynch and Charlotte attack Banks and Bayley during their entrance and throws them in the ring.

After the commercial, bell rings, Lynch and Bayley starts the match. Lynch was then seen dominating Bayley in and out of the ring, Lynch then goes for the pin as Bayley kicks out at two. Lynch then tags Charlotte, The Queen enters the ring and hits chest chops to Bayley.

Bayley then quickly tags Banks, they then attack Charlotte together and Banks then tags Bayley once again. Charlotte then tags Lynch, as she attacks Banks who was out of the ring. Seeing this Bayley pushed Lynch towards the announce table as Banks attacks her further.

Later in the ring, legal wrestlers Lynch and Bayley was seen attacking each other as Lynch hits Bayley with a running neck breaker. Lynch then tags Charlotte and Bayley tags Banks, The Queen then hits The Boss with a neck breaker and goes for the pin as she kicks out at two counts.

As Charlotte got up to attack Banks, seeing this Banks holds Charlotte in a Bank Statement submission. Charlotte breaks it and holds Banks in a Figure 8 submission. Seeing this Bayley enters the ring as she pushes Lynch who just entered the ring at Charlotte and thus breaks the submission.

After the commercial, Banks was seen dominating Charlotte and tags Bayley. Charlotte then fights back only to get attacked by Bayley with dangerous kicks, as Bayley then goes running towards Charlotte, The Queen attacks her and tags Lynch. The Man enters the ring and attacks both Bayley and Banks.

Later, as Bayley was about to hit Lynch with a Belly to Belly suplex, Lynch blocks it. Seeing this Banks goes to hit Lynch with a backbreaker, Charlotte enters the ring and attacks both Bayley and Banks. 

Later, all four wrestlers were seen attacking each other out of the ring. Bayley then throws Charlotte into the ring and goes over the ropes to deliver the Flying Elbow drop as Charlotte raises her leg to block it. Charlotte then quickly delivers Natural Selection to Bayley and pins her for victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Backstage, AJ Styles and O.C were seen in an interview where Styles spoke about how they will dominate everyone and they are not scared of anyone. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler were seen joining the interview where they said that they will support them in any way required.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio vs. Gran Metalik

Bell rings, at the beginning of the match great lucha libre style wrestling was displayed in the ring.

Mysterio then throws Metalik out of the ring and then runs towards him as Metalik blocks it, Metalik then enters the ring and successfully jumps over Mysterio out of the ring.

Later, Mysterio was seen jumping from over the ropes at Metalik and goes for the pin as he kicks out. Mysterio then carries Metalik at the top of the ropes as Metalik slams Mysterio to the ring and goes for the pin as Mysterio kicks out at two.

Both men attack each other as Mysterio finds Metalik at the ropes and hits him with the 619 and pins Metalik for victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman were seen talking with Cedric Alexander.

A monstrous 10 Man Tag has been made official for tonight where The Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander, Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins will face the team of Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows & AJ Styles for the main event.

Backstage, The Street Profits were seen where they spoke about the upcoming matches and their predictions.

Match 5: Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin – Triple Threat Semifinal Match for the King Of The Ring Tournament

As the bell rings, Corbin rolls out of the ring as Joe attacks Ricochet in the ring. Ricochet quickly attacks Joe and as he was going to attack him further Corbin enters the ring and attacks Ricochet from behind.

Ricochet quickly hits Corbin with a shooting star press in the middle of the ring and goes for the pin as it gets kicked out at two, Ricochet then goes to attacks, Joe and Corbin.

After the commercial, Ricochet was still seen attacking Joe and Corbin one by one. Corbin then holds Ricochet as he was about to jump on him and slams him to the ring post. Seeing this Joe comes running and attacks both Ricochet and Corbin.

Later, in the ring, Joe and Corbin were seen exchanges punches as Ricochet attacks them and he then continues to attack Joe. Joe then gains momentum and runs towards Ricochet and slams him with a shoulder push and goes for the pin as Ricochet kicks out at two counts.

Frustrated Joe carries Ricochet over the ropes and as he was about to slam him, Corbin enters the ring and tries to hold Joe from beneath to help him slam Ricochet. Ricochet breaks the hold and jumps over Joe and Corbin.

Later, Corbin was seen gaining control over the match and as he was about to deliver chokeslam to Ricochet, Ricochet breaks it and still, Corbin manages to slam him to the ring and tries to pin as Joe pull him out of the ring by pulling his leg.

Seeing the brawl out of the ring, Ricochet jumps over them and later in the ring, Ricochet hits a facebuster to Joe and followed by the 630 splash to Joe and as he was about to pin him, Corbin pulls him out of the ring and pins Joe for victory.

Winner: Baron Corbin – Moves to the finals of the King Of The Ring Tournament.

Match 6: Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

Bell rings, Evans goes straight after Natalya and attacks her. This made Natalya furious and she lets out a brutal beatdown to Evans and holds her in a keen twits submission move, Evans holds the ropes and rolls out of the ring.

Later, Evans gains control over Natalya and dominates her in the ring with unforgiven kicks to the face. Evans was then seen dragging Natalya from ring pole to pole. Natalya quickly gains momentum and holds Evans in a Sharpshooter as Evans taps out.

Winner: Natalya.

Firefly Fun House segment was played where they spoke about strange things and how strange was it for Steve Austin to appear on Raw tonight and why we should may trust our friends but we can’t trust The Fiend.

Match 7: The Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander, Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows & AJ Styles – 10 Man Tag Team Match

Bell rings, Rollins and Ziggler start the match where The Universal Champion was seen dominating “The Show-Off”. During this, every Superstar enters the ring and attacks their opponents.

After the commercial, Alexander was seen in the ring with Anderson where he dominating him. Anderson tags Styles, Alexander quickly hits Styles with a swinging neck breaker as Styles quickly recovers and injured the left arm of Alexander.

Later, Roode was in the ring where he was seen holding Alexander in a left arm submission move as Roode slams the left arm to the ring. Roode goes for the pin as Alexander kicks out and continues to hold him in the left arm submission move.

Alexander gains momentum and kicks Roode and tags Rollins, Roode then tags Anderson. Rollins delivers falcon arrow to Anderson and goes for the pin as Gallows breaks the count.

Later, every Superstar enters the ring and attacks their opponents. In the ring, Rollins tags Strowman, and due to misunderstanding Rollins falls over Strowman as he was pinning his opponent.

Later, Rollins and Ziggler were the legal men in the ring. Ziggler then tags Anderson, The O.C member was then holding Rollins in a sleeper hold, Rollins breaks the hold with a chin smasher. Anderson tags Roode, Rollins then delivers a Blockbuster to Roode from the top of the ropes.

Desperately Rollins tags Strowman. Eric from The Viking’s tags himself in the match as Strowman was injured and attacks Roode, then he tags the other member of The Vikings, he then tags Alexander and he climbs the top of the ropes and jumps on every one out of the ring.

As the bodies were lying out of the ring, in the ring, Alexander hits Lumbar Check to Styles and pins him for victory.

Winner: The Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander, Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins.

After the match, Steve Austin comes running to the ring and celebrates with the winning team by drinking beer.

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