WWE Raw 2020 – 5/25/2020 – 25th May 2020 Live Result And Review

WWE Raw 2020 – 5/25/2020 – 25th May 2020 Live Result And Review

WWE Raw – 25th May 2020 Result And Review

WATCH: WWE Raw 5/25/2020 Online

Preview: Drew McIntyre joins MVP on the ‘The VIP Lounge’ on WWE Raw! What will the WWE Champion have to say ahead of his big title showdown with Bobby Lashley at WWE Backlash.

The show begins, where Kevin Owens calls out Asuka where they spoke about the actions from Nia Jax last week, they were later joined by Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Nia Jax, where Asuka delivers a punch to Jax’s face and takes her down.

Match 1: United States Champion Andrade vs. Apollo Crews.

Bell rings, Andrade was seen dominating Crews, Crews fought back. Andrade overpowered him. Backstage, Angel Garza was seen watching the match closely.

In the ring, Crews then slammed Andrade to the ringside turnbuckle, to which Andrade kicks Crews with a double knee kick. Crews then kick Andrade on his face and deliver a should press slam followed by a moon sault and shooting star press slam and pins Andrade to win his first championship in WWE.

Winner: The New United States Champion Apollo Crews.

After the match, Apollo Crews tells that this is a special moment and it feels good to be a United States Champion.

Backstage, Seth Rollins talks about Rey Mysterio, where Rollins tells that his action two weeks ago for attacking Mysterio was an act of sacrifice. Then Rollins’ disciples join him, Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory talk about how they can see things now by the guidance of ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair was seen in an interview where WWE Raw’s Women’s Champion appears and tells her that Red is not her colour.

In the ring, The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) talks straight with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, where The IIConics attacks them and told that they want to challenge them for the titles.

Backstage, MVP was seen with Lana, Lana then tells MVP that she needs to talk to him, to which MVP tells her no and walks away.

In the ring, MVP calls out the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to ‘The VIP Lounge’. McIntyre makes his way out to the ring and throws the chairs out of the ring as he indicates things will get ugly later.

MVP tells him that Lashley wont apply the full nelson submission tonight so that he can relax. McIntyre laughs to it, MVP then tells McIntyre that last time he was in the VIP Lounge he delivered a Claymore Kick to him.

Later, Bobby Lashley comes out, seeing this McIntyre quickly delivers a Claymore to MVP. MVP then rolls out of the ring, Lashley then takes MVP backstage.

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Backstage, Natalya was seen in an interview where she received a call from her husband TJ for her actions last week.

In the ring, as Kevin Owens was seen making his way out for his match where Angel Garza attacks his leg.

Match 2. Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza.

Bell rings, Garza was seen dominating Owens in the ring by targetting his injured left knee, seeing an opening, Owens delivered a DDT to him. As Owens was about to deliver a Cannonball Senton, Owens stops due to the injured knee, seeing this Garza delivers a Superkick to him.

Later, Owens delivers a Swanton Bomb from the top of the ropes and as he went for the pop-up powerbomb but couldn’t deliver because of the injured knee. Seeing this Garza, delivered a The Wing Clipper and pins Owens for victory.

Winner: Angel Garza.

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Backstage, Lana was seen laughing at MVP for getting a Claymore by Drew McIntyre. To which MVP tells her to stop laughing as they are going to hurt McIntyre tonight for sure.

Match 3: Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory vs. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo.

Bell rings, Murphy and Carrillo start the match, Murphy then tags Theory, quickly Carrillo throws Murphy and Theory out of the ring and tags Black. Carrillo then jumps over Murphy and Theory out of the ring.

In the ring, later, Black tags Carrillo, where Theory was was seen dominating him and tags Murphy. Carrillo kicks Murphy on his face, Carrillo then tags Black and Murphy tags Theory. Black gains control of the match and continue to attack Theory. Black tags Carrillo, as Black was about to jump from the top of the ropes, Murphy pushes him out of the ring. Theory enters and attacks Carrillo and pins him for victory.

Winner: Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory.

After the match, Murphy and Theory took hold of Carrillo and placed him just like they placed Rey Mysterio eye on the steel steps. Seeing this Black grabs a steel chair. Rollins orders Black to stop and told him to understand that what happend with Mysterio was a sacrifice, they then let go Carrillo and heads backstage.

Backstage, Edge was seen from a dark location where he said that he is inspired by Undertakers The Last Ride documentary series and at WWE Backlash he is ready to dismantle Randy Orton. Edge then says that he will take it to very depths of his soul to take Orton down.

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Backstage, The Street Profits were seen in an argument with MVP, to which MVP challenged them for a tag team match against himself and Bobby Lashley later tonight.

In the ring, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka join the announcing team for the next match.

Match 4: Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax vs. Natalya – Winner will challenge Asuka at WWE Backlash.

Bell rings, Flair then quickly knocks out Natalya with an elbow punch. Jax head to attack Flair, Jax then carries Natalya and slammed her over Flair. Then Flair and Natalya team up and throws Jax out of the ring.

In the ring, Flair and Natalya were seen squaring up where they displayed few technical wrestling skill with submission and headlock. They also kept Jax out of the ring, seeing an opportunity, Jax pulled Flair out of the ring and tosses Natalya near the announcing table.

All women continued the fight out of the ring, where Natalya and Flair carried Jax over their shoulder and slammed her over the announcing table with a double powerbomb.

After the commercial, in the ring, Natalya and Flair were seen in the ring and Jax was still unconscious out of the ring. Asuka then tossed Jax into the ring, where Natalya holds Jax in a cross-arm bar submission. Jax then quickly carries Natalya and delivers a one-arm powerbomb, seeing this Flair kicks Jax on her face.

Flair then delivers a moonsault to Jax and went for the pin but it ended on two counts. Natalya then attacks Jax and tried to pin her but it too ended in two counts. Jax then gains control of the match but it was short-lived as Flair attacked her knee, Flair then held Jax in Figure 4 submission and as she was turning it into Figure 8, Natalya kicks her.

Natalya then holds Flair in a Sharpshooter, seeing this Jax pulls Natalya by her hair and tried to deliver a Samoan drop. Seeing this Flair kicks Jax on her face and went for the pin but Natalya breaks it. Flair then attacks Natalya. Flair then climbs the top of the ropes, Jax follows her, seeing this Natalya joins it and they slammed each other to the ring canvas. Natalya then tried to pin both Jax and Flair but it ended in two counts.

Flair then attacks Natalya and holds her in a submission, seeing this Jax jumps over them. Jax throws Flair out of the ring and delivers a Samoan drop to Natalya and pins her for the opportunity to face Asuka at WWE Backlash.

Winner: Nia Jax.

Backstage, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was asked about his action in the ring to which he said he had no control over it and he will watch MVP and Lashley’s tag team match closely later tonight.

Via satellite, 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski gives an exclusive interview, where he spoke about how proud he is to hold the 24/7 Championship as it allows him to fight anyone at any time. He then challenged R Truth to take the title from him.

Backstage, MVP was asked, why he wanted to wrestle tonight to which he ignored the question and continued to talk to Bobby Lashley.

Ric Flair joins via satellite, where he talks about the Edge vs. Randy Orton in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever! Flair pins his money on Orton, as he believes that Orton is better than anyone in today wrestling.

Match 5: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs. MVP and Bobby Lashley.

Bell rings, Lashley and Ford squares off, where Lashley delivers a shoulder tackle to Ford and followed by a face-first flat liner slam and goes for the pin but it ended in two counts.

Lashley then tags MVP, MVP enters and punches Ford on his face, MVP then tags Lashley, Lashley enters and dominates Ford in the ring. Ford desperately avoids Lashley and tags Dawkins, both Ford and Dawkins deliver a double leg drop to Lashley. Lashley recovers and throw Ford out of the ring and slams him to the ring post.

After the commercial, MVP and Ford were seen in the ring, MVP tags Lashley, Lashley threw some heavy punches to Ford. Lashley then slammed Ford to the ring and went for the pinfall but it ended in two counts. Lashley then tags MVP, as Ford rolls out of the ring, MVP slams him to the steel steps and tried to pin him in the ring but it ended in two counts.

As MVP was holding Ford in a dragon hold submission, Ford stood up on his feet and fought back and tagged Dawkins. Dawkins enters the ring and delivers a single leg takedown to MVP, Dawkins then continued to attacks MVP injured leg. Ford attacks Lashley out of the ring. Dawkins then tags Ford and MVP tags, Lashley. Lashley then quickly holds Ford in a full nelson submission and as the hold was so deep that the referee disqualifies Lashley.

Winner: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) via DQ.

After the match, Lashley was still holding Ford in the submission, seeing this WWE Champion Drew McIntyre runs out to the ring and delivers a Glasgow Kiss to Lashley and continued to attack him. Seeing this all the WWE Performance centre trainee run towards the ring and pulled them apart.

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