WWE Raw 2020 – 7/20/2020 – 20th July 2020 Live Result And Review, Big Show faces Randy Orton in an Unsanctioned Match

WWE Raw – 20th July 2020 Result And Review

Preview: Randy Orton has once again embraced being The Legend Killer in recent weeks, but he has run into an angry giant hellbent on retribution. This Monday on Raw, Big Show will set out to stop The Viper in his tracks when they clash in an Unsanctioned Match.

The show begins, Seth Rollins talks about his match last night against Rey Mysterio. Hearing this Aleister Black comes out as Rollins took Myestrio’s eye out last night.

Match 1: Seth Rollins vs. Aleister Black.

Bell rings, Black, fought for his friend but fell short as Rollins had his friend Buddy Murphy in his corner. Rollins won the match but they continued to attack Black.

Winner: Seth Rollins.

Backstage, MVP and Bobby Lashley were talking with 24/7 Champion R Truth, where Shelton Benjamin attacks him from behind and won the 24/7 title from him.

In the ring, new United States Champion MVP, Bobby Lashley, and the new 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin come out to the ring. MVP talks about how he won the US Title last night as Apollo Crews didn’t show up for his match last night. Hearing this Ricochet and Cedric Alexander comes out and tells MVP that he hasn’t won the title yet as there was no actual match for the US Title last night, they also introduced the returning Mustafa Ali, who also thinks the same.

Match 2: MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin vs. Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali.

Bell rings, MVP and Bobby Lashley has been attacking Ricochet and Alexander for weeks now, this all started when Lashley injured Crews by holding him in a vicious full nelson, since then Ricochet and Alexander tried their best to take MVP and Lashley out. Ali joined them in the battle. Ali won the match for his team by delivering 450 splash to MVP at the closing moments. (READ: SmackDown’s Mustafa Ali Quietly Drafted To Raw)

Winner: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali.

Backstage, Randy Orton cuts a promo for his Unsanctioned Match against Big Show later tonight.

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Backstage, Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair were seen in an argument with The IIconics’s Peyton Royce.

Match 3: Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott.

Bell rings, Royce and Billie Kay have defeated Riott a few weeks ago on Raw in a one on one match, as Riott was disappointed for the loss she was still made fun of that since then. Last week, Riott has some help from the returning Bianca Belair who helped her to get some win, which boosted her confidence. It helped Riott did get a win once again tonight.

Winner: Ruby Riott.

Backstage, Andrade and Angel Garza were seen in an interview where The Street Profits attacked them.

Match 4: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs. Andrade and Angel Garza.

Bell rings, last month when The Street Profits returned on Raw, Andrade, and Garza attacked them indicating that they need a match for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Now as this match is personal, but we are still not clear that will Andrade and Garza work together as a team, if they win this match then they could fight for the titles soon. At the closing moments, Ford delivered a body splash to Garza and pinned him for victory.

Winner: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford).

Bayley makes her way out to the ring with Sasha Banks, Banks spoke about how she won the match last night under the official three-count by Bayley who had to wear the referee’s t-shirt. Hearing this Asuka comes out with Sane, as they were about to get into a brawl, Stephanie McMahon appears on the titantron, and says that lat night there was no winner for the Raw Women’s Championship and next week, Asuka will face Sasha Banks and the winner will be the new Women’s Champion.

Match 5: Bayley vs. Kairi Sane.

Bell rings, last week Sane meet Bayley in a tag team match, and this week they battle in a one on one match, last night as Bayley declared Sasha Banks as the winner and handed her the Raw Women’s Title, Asuka and Sane felt being robbed. Sane fights to defend the honor of her best friend. Backstage, Shayna Baszler was seen watching this match closely. Surprisingly Sane won the match when Bayley was about to deliver belly to belly suplex, Sane turned it and pinned her for victory.

Winner: Kairi Sane.

In the ring, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre talks defeating Dolph Ziggler last night at The Horror Show Extreme Rules, McIntyre gives Ziggler credits to pick a brilliant stipulation. Hearing this Ziggler comes out and asks for one more match, to which McIntyre delivers a Glasgow Kiss and heads to the entrance ramp. Ziggler then begs for one more match and allows McIntyre to pick the match stipulation. To which McIntyre agrees and tells that he will reveal the stipulation before the bell just like Ziggler did.

Backstage, Big Show cuts a promo for his Unsanctioned Match against Randy Orton later tonight.

Match 6: Big Show vs. Randy Orton – Unsanctioned Match.

Bell rings, last week Orton asked Show to settle their differences once and for all in an Unsanctioned Match, Show agreed to the match. Orton’s intention heading into this match is to take out Show just like he took out Edge and Christan as he is slowly emerging into ‘The Legend Killer’ once again. Show fights for his best friends Edge and Christain who were the victim of The Viper, during the match, Andrade and Angel Garza come out and attacks Show, seeing this The Viking Raiders also comes for Show’s assistance. Orton wins the match with the top rope DDT followed by RKO. After the match, Orton hits a punt kick to Show and knocks his out cold, thus he took another legend down.

Winner: Randy Orton.

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