WWE Raw 2020 – 6/29/2020 – 29th June 2020 Live Result And Review

WWE Raw – 29th June 2020 Result And Review

Preview: Double contract signing for Extreme Rules: The Horror Show set for this Monday.

The show begins, Samoa Joe calls out Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, Sasha Banks, Dolph Ziggler, and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, where the signed their respective contracts but McIntyre allowed Ziggler to pick up the match stipulation heading into their match and ended the segment in a beatdown.

In the ring, Big Show calls out Randy Orton to settle some scores from last week, but instead of Orton – Andrade and Angel Garza with Zelina Vega come out as they were scheduled to be in the ring for a match. Show decided to face them, seeing this Ric Flair comes out and tells that Orton will come to the ring whenever he wants but also warned Show to stay away from Orton as he is dangerous.

Match 1: Andrade and Angel Garza vs. The Viking Raiders.

Bell rings, The Viking Raiders faced The Street Profits last week for the Raw Tag Team Championship which they lost so they went back to the drawing board to face Andrade and Garza to gain their dominance in the tag team division. Andrade and Garza did defeat The Viking Raiders and gained a future tag team title match opportunity.

Winner: Andrade and Angel Garza.

Backstage, Ric Flair was seen with Andrade, Garza, and Vega talking to them about something which was not revealed.

Match 2: Akira Tozawa vs. R Truth – 24/7 Championship.

Bell ring, Truth who lost his 24/7 Championship last week because of Bobby Lashley won it back tonight for the seventh time by pinning Tozawa tonight, this left Tozawa speechless and rolled Truth for a pinfall but it only lasted for two counts.

Winner: R Truth – New 24/7 Champion.

In the ring, Seth Rollins “Monday Night Messiah” and Buddy Murphy comes out to publically apologize to Rey Mysterio for his action during the past few weeks. Rollins then demanded Mysterio to ask for forgiveness as he is an instrument for sacrifice. Hearing this Mysterio and his son Dominic appears on the titantron and vows to leave a mark on Rollins’ eye. Hearing this Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo come out to the ring as Rollins and Murphy clear the ring.

Match 3: Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo.

Bell rings, before the match Rollins was fed up with Black and Carrillo and asked them why are they standing up for Mysterio, to which Carrillo said that, Mysterio is a leader and has been their mentor in this business. In a hellacious battle, Rollins picked up the win for his team by Curb Stomping Carrillo. After the match, both the team got into a fight out of the ring where Rollins once again delivers Curb Stomp to Carrillo on the steel steps.

Winner: Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy.

Backstage, Raw Women’s Champion Asuka and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke in an interview about their Champion vs. Challengers match later tonight, where McIntyre said that Banks is not ready for Asuka as Ziggler is not ready for him.

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Match 4: Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce (The IIconics).

Bell rings, this match was made official after The IIconics insulted Riott backstage earlier tonight for always being out of action most of the time as she is more prone to injury. Billie Kay played a part of distraction at the ringside, as Royce delivered a spinning brainbuster to Riott to pick up the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce.

Backstage, Big Show spoke in an interview that he is ready for whatever happens tonight as he has seen worse in this business.

Match 5: Big Show vs. Andrade and Angel Garza – 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

Bell ring, Andrade, and Garza picked up a win earlier tonight against The Viking Raiders, they were also set to face Big Show, so Ric Flair then made it official. Big Show won the match with a chokeslam to Andrade, as there was friction between Andrade and Garza during the match. After the match, Big Show delivered a knockout punch to Andrade.

Winner: Big Show.

Match 6: Apollo Crews vs. MVP.

Bell rings, as Crews faces MVP in a non-title match, MVP vows to teach some respect to Crews, as MVP feels that he has been disrespected when he tuned down his services to manage him and make to him a better and longest the United States Champion in the history. Crews did question MVP that why is he still behind him when he is not interested in him or his services, to which MVP said that as he has achieved so much in the business he believes that he needs to give it back and if he defeated Crews tonight he has done his job. MVP did prove that his words do match his actions and won the match with a Fisherman Suplex. After the match, Crews attacked MVP, seeing this Bobby Lashley hold Crews in a full nelson submission. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander run towards the ring out to save Crews.

Winner: MVP.

Match 7: Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet.

Bell rings, after the beatdown at the end of the previous match, the match between Ricochet and Lashley was made official. Ricochet responded to every pinfall attempt by Lashley with two counts but became a victim of the full nelson submission. That didn’t just stop there, as Cedric Alexander also became a victim of Lashley’s wrath in a full nelson.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Match 8: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Dolph Ziggler and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks – Champion vs. Challenger Match.

Bell rings, heading into Extreme Rule: The Horror Show, Banks need to prove that she can hold two belts like her best friend Bayley and for Ziggler, its always has been about proving that he is championship material and the only reason McIntyre is holding the title is because of him. During the double contract signing segment, all the competitors got involved in a fight.

The team of Banks and Ziggler picked up the win, as Banks rolls backward when she was held in the Asuka Lock and pinned the Raw Women’s Champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks.

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