WWE Reportedly Forming New Stable With MVP On Raw

WWE Reportedly Forming New Stable With MVP On Raw

WWE is currently looking forward to forming a new stable on Monday Night Raw. It was reported a few weeks ago that Apollo Crews will be turning heel, now that he has won United States Championship, the original plan was for him to join MVP’s team and become a heel.

Now as per our source WWE is planning to go ahead with that idea, if you have watched his match on Raw (READ/WATCH) against Andrade he was kind of acting funny during his match and trying to cheat a bit. So it means that he will soon turn heel and will be teaming up with MVP who will primarily be the mouthpiece and will wrestle few matches here and there, along with Bobby Lashley who is currently being managed by MVP and a new name to be added to this fraction will be Shelton Benjamin as he wrestled on Raw this week which is a very rare sight.

As Zelina Vega’s fraction which is currently breaking up and she will be only managing Andrade. Fans were enjoying this fraction but they were getting a lot of TV time. The new MVP’s fraction will dominate Raw and will be given most of the main event time.

Wrestlers like Lashley, Crews and Benjamin were not able to come out and show their personality on TV so this will be a good chance to showcase what they got.

Apart from being in a small angle with Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, Benjamin hasn’t done anything. Crews who have always been close to winning but fell short all the time and Lashley is the only one in this fraction who has been active in the ring but always needed a mouthpiece for backup. MVP managing this team will be fantastic.

Fans have liked seeing new stables immerge in wrestling but the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon is not a fan of it.

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