WWE Smackdown 2020 – 05/15/2020 – 15th May 2020 Live Result And Review

WATCH: WWE SmackDown 5/15/2020 Online

Preview: Otis brings his Money in the Bank contract to “Miz TV,” Charlotte Flair returns to SmackDown and a tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion begins on FOX.

The show begins, a video package was played where we saw the Ladder Match from Money in the Bank.

In the ring, The Miz and John Morrison were seen introducing The Miz TV, just then Otis from Heavy Machinery makes his way out to the ring. The Miz then coagulated him for winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. To which Otis said that he has not only won the briefcase but he has won Mandy Rose’s heart.

Hearing this, Miz and Morrison made fun of Otis for being fat since birth, Miz then issued a challenge for Otis for a Tag Team match later tonight, Otis said that Tucker Knight is not here on SmackDown tonight. Miz told that by end of the night find a partner as the match is on.

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Match 1: Elias vs. King Baron Corbin.

Bell rings, Corbin was seen dominating Elias in the middle of the ring by holding in a submission. Elias makes his way out to of the submission and throws Corbin out of the ring. Elias then delivers a body splash and takes out Corbin near the announcing table.

Corbin gets up on his feet quickly and slams Elias to the ringside barricade, Corbin then throws Elias in the ring, Corbin then grabs Elias guitar, seeing this Elias heads out of the ring and slams Corbin’s head to the ringside pol.

After the commercial, Elias was seen holding Corbin in a chin lock submission, Corbin breaks the hold. Elias then climbs the ropes to jump over Corbin, seeing this Corbin pulls Elias’ leg, Elias falls out of the ring. Corbin then attacked him and went for the pin in the ring but it ended in two counts. Corbin continued to attack Elias in the ring, Elias fought his way back into the fight but fell short as Corbin delivered a vicious clothesline, Corbin tried to pin Elias but its end in two counts.

Corbin then continued to deliver two clotheslines, when he was about to deliver the third one Elias quickly delivered a swinging neck breaker. Elias then continued to attack Corbin and delivered a clothesline to build some momentum. Elias then punched Corbin’s face and went for the pinfall as it ends on two counts. Elias then delivered some knee kicks to Corbin’s face. Corbin seeing an opening delivered a spine buster and went for a pinfall but it ends in two counts once again.

Corbin then places Elias at the top of the ropes, Elias slides out, to which Corbin delivers a vicious chokeslam to Elias and goes for the pin but it ends in two counts.

Later, Corbin then destroyed Elias guitar at the ring pol, seeing this Elias attacks Corbin and pins his to victory.

Winner: Elias.

Backstage, Otis asks Sheamus to be his tag team partner for his match later tonight, to which Sheamus says no.

Backstage, Otis was seen with Mandy Rose where she helps him with an idea to ask WWE Universal Champion to be his partner tonight. Otis then goes to ask Strowman to be his partner tonight, to which Strowman tells him that he will think about it.

Match 2: Naomi vs. Dana Brooke.

Bell rings, both women lock horns at the centre of the ring, quickly Naomi rolls Brooke and goes for the pin as it ends in two counts. Brooke then took control of the match by kicking Naomi, as Brooke was about to jump over Naomi, Naomi kicks Brooke. Naomi then delivers a cross body slam to Brooke and goes for the pin but it ends in two counts. Seeing an opportunity, Brooke rolls Naomi backwards and pins her for victory.

Winner: Dana Brooke.

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WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair made her way out to the ring, she grabbed the microphone and spoke on why she is appearing on all three major brands on WWE, to which she says the rating number was crunching and the network needed someone who everyone wants to see on TV.

Hearing this WWE SmackDown Women’s Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks comes out and tells Flair that she is not needed on here on SmackDown anymore. Bayley said that she has defeated everyone including Flair, to which Flair says that the only reason she is still a champion because of Banks’ support.

Flair then tells Banks that she was a warrior once but now she is only dows that dirty work for Bayley, hearing this Bayley demand a champion vs champion match, Flair accepts the challenge and tells Banks on her face that will she still continue to be an afterthought on SmackDown.

Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak.

Bell rings, both men shake hands before the match, they were then seen holding each other in various submission holds. Bryan was then seen holding Gulak in a Yes Lock! quickly, Gulak holds to the ring ropes and breaks the hold. Gulak then quickly holds Brayn in a dragon hold submission, Bryan then holds the ropes nearby.

Bryan then goes on to attacks Gulak’s left arm, Bryan then quickly slams Gulak to the ring and hold him in a cross armbar, Gulak recovers and throws Bryan out of the ring.

After the commercial, Gulak was seen delivering belly to back suplex to Bryan and holds him in a headlock. Bryan tried to get up on his feet, Gulak slams him again to the ring and continued to hold him in a headlock. Bryan then attacks Gulak and hold in an ankle lock and later slams him to the ring.

Gulak then quickly slams Bryan to the ring and goes fo the pin as it ends in two counts. Bryan without wasting anytime slams Gulak with a release German Suplex at the centre of the ring, Bryan then goes for the running knee kick, Gulak avoids it. Gulak then hold Bryan in a dragon sleeper hold submission. Bryan rolls backwards and breaks the hold and tried to go for the Yes Lock!. Gulak avoid it to which Brayn twist his leg. Brayn then holds Gulak injured leg in a submission, as Gulak taps out and Bryan qualifies for the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Winner: Daniel Bryan.

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Match 4: The Miz and John Morrison vs. Otis and The Universal Champion Braun Strowman.

Bell ring, Otis and Morrison start the match, Morrison quickly holds Otis in a headlock. Otis then makes him way out of it and attacks Morrison with a shoulder tackle followed by a body slam, Otis then tags Strowman. Strowman and Otis then delivered a worm elbow drop to Morrison, Morrison then rolls out of the ring.

After the commercial, Miz and Otis were seen in the ring, where Miz was holding Otis is a headlock at the centre of the ring. Otis rolls out of it, Miz then quickly delivered some high kicks to Otis’s chest. Miz then once again holds Otis in a sleeper hold. Otis stands up on his feet as Miz was still holding him. Miz then quickly tags Morrison, they then delivered a double suplex to Otis.

Seeing an opportunity Otis quickly tags Strowman, Strowman enters and clears the ring as he throws Miz and Morrison out of the ring. Strowman then runs over them out of the ring. In the ring, Morrison tried to attack Strowman. Strowman quickly delivers a running power slam to Morrison and pins him for victory.

Winner: Otis and The Universal Champion Braun Strowman.

After the match, as Otis and Strowman were celebrating their victory, Mandy Rose comes out to celebrate with them.

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