WWE Smackville PPV 2019 – 7/27/19 – 27th July 2019 Live Result

WATCH: WWE Smackville 7/27/19

Match 1. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Mustafa Ali.

Bell rings, the match started. Both Nakamura and Ali have showed some great moves by attackingeach other. Ali then hits Nakamura with a chop to Nakamura’s chest to which Nakamura hits him with his leg also to the back of his neck. Nakamura then sets up to hot Ali with Kinshasa to which Ali hits Nakamura with a Super Kick.

Then Ali hits Nakamura with a over te ropes DDT and goes for the pin as Nakamura kick out. The Ali goes over the ropes again as Nakamura rolls out and pushes Ali to the rope turnbuckle and hits him with Kinshasa and pins him for victory.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura.

Elias was seen singing for the crowd and Kevin Owens comes out to ring and plays with Elias guitar which was ket aside. Elias turns around and runs out of the ring. Owens grabs the mic demanded Elias to shut his mouth and told Elias to fight him tonight in a match. Owens then asked for the referee, as the referee comes running to the ring and making the match official.

Match 2. Kevin Owens vs Elias.

Bell rings, Elias goes to attack Owens. Owens stands up and attacks Elias as he rolls out of the ring.

Later in the ring, Elias was seen dominating the ring by attacking Owens. Elias and Owens were seen over the top of the ropes, where Owens push Elias to the ring and hits him with a Senton Bomb, Elias recovers and goes over the ropes to deliver an elbow drop thus ended up by hitting himself on the ring mat, Owen recovers and he hits Elias with a stunner which allowed him to pin and gain the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens.

Kofi was seen backstage talking about how he will surely retain his title tonight in the Triple Threat match.

Match 3. Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe vs. Dolph Ziggler – Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

Bell rings, Ziggler runs out of the ring as Kofi attack Joe. Ziggler pulls Kofi out of the ring, Ziggler and Joe team up and attacks Kofi, as Joe was holding Kofi and Ziggler was attacking Kofi, The Champion attacked them as Joe pushed him out of the ring. Seeing the lying Ziggler, Joe runs to him to pin him as Ziggler kicks out, thus breaking the just formed mini alliance.

Kofi enters and attacks both Joe and Ziggler. Later over the ropes, Joe was seen with Kofi, Joe was pushed down by Kofi to the ring, as Kofi was going to jump on him – Ziggler rushed towards him. Seeing this Joe carries Ziggler to deliver a powerbomb, Ziggler avoids it and attacks Joe and goes for the pin as Joe kicks out.

At this point of time, Joe’s frustration level boils up and throws Kofi and Ziggler out of the ring and attacks them outside. Later in the ring, Joe was seen holding Kofi in a Coquina Clutch, Kofi avoids it with a reverse Jawbreaker. Seeing this opportunity Ziggler hits Joe with a Super Kick and goes for the pin as Kofi saves it.

Later Kofi and Ziggler were seen attacking each other where Ziggler hits him with a Zig Zag and goes for the pin and Kofi kicks off. Joe enters the ring and hit Kofi with a vicious clothesline in the ring and goes for the pin as Kofi kicks out. As Joe sets up for Coquina Clutch, Kofi avoids it and hit him with a Trouble In Paradise and goes for the pin as Kofi retains his title.

Winner: And still the WWE Champion – Kofi Kingston.

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