WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020 PPV – 19th July 2020 Result And Review, Drew McIntyre Battles Dolph Ziggler To Defend His WWE Championship

WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020 PPV – 7/19/2020 – 19th July 2020 Result And Review

Preview: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler to battle for the WWE Title, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt set for Wyatt Swamp Battle, Can Sasha Banks dethrone Asuka at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules? Nikki Cross earns SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity against Bayley.

Match 1: The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura – Tables Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Bell rings, after being attacked by Cesaro and Nakamura, The New Day has been their target for the next few weeks, they also fought in a no-contest match on Smackdown. This match was then made official when Cesaro defeated Big E last week on Smackdown. At the closing minutes of the match, Cesaro power slammed Kingston from the top rope to the two tables at the ringside and with the help of Nakamura and won the Tag Team titles.

Winner: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Kairi Sane were seen boosting Nikki Cross’s confidence before her match with Bayley.

Match 2: Bayley vs. Nikki Cross – SmackDown Women’s Championship Match.

Bell rings, Bayley has been very impressive lately by holding the Smackdown Women’s Championship but her challenger looks very hungry this time, Nikki Cross. Cross earned the title opportunity in a Fatal Four-Way Match on Smackdown, she also believes that she always falls short when it comes to winning the singles title. At the closing minutes of the match, Banks handed Bayley with her “Legit Boss” ring set knuckle and hit Cross on her ribs, to retain her title.

Winner: Bayley.

Match 3: Apollo Crews vs. MVP – U.S. Title Match.

Bell rings, the past, present, and future of the United States Championship will be on the line at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules as Apollo Crews defends his title against MVP. MVP then unveil a new-look of the U.S. title on Raw. Crews were also asked by MVP to join forces with him, which he declined since the Crews has been MVP’s problem. MVP promised to take everything away from Crews, starting from his title. In an episode on Raw, Bobby Lashley held Crews in a full nelson submission, and it injured Crews so bad that he couldn’t take part in his match, so MVP won the U.S. title via forfeit.

Winner: MVP. New U.S. Champion.

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Match 4: Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins – Eye for an Eye Match.

Bell rings, this year’s Extreme Rules has a new level of terror as Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins will collide in an Eye for an Eye Match. Mysterio teamed up with Kevin Owens and defeat Rollins & Murphy to earn the right to choose the stipulation of this match. Rollins did try to take Mysterio’s career with a frightful attack on his eye. This also involved Mysterio’s son Dominik to defend his father’s honor, seeing this Rollins tried to take Dominik’s eye too. At the closing minutes, Rollins once again puts Mysterio’s eye on the steel step and won the match, seeing this, Rollins throws up.

Winner: Seth Rollins.

Match 5: Asuka vs. Sasha Banks – Raw Women’s Championship Match.

Bell rings, Banks is looking to join her tag team partner Bayley by becoming a double champion at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules as she challenges Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Banks who is known as “The Role Model” has been calling herself a double champion already. On the other hand, Asuka is looking to make a huge statement out of Banks, as many believe that Asuka is not worthy of holding the title as she was handed it. Banks winning the Raw title will put her in an elite group of champions in WWE. At the closing minutes, accidentally Asuka sprays the green mist over the referee instead of Banks, seeing this, Bayley attacks Asuka from behind and wears the referee’s uniform, and helps Banks to pin Asuka.

Winner: Sasha Banks. New Raw Women’s Champion.

Match 6: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler – WWE Championship Match.

Bell rings, Ziggler arrived on Raw and reminded Drew McIntyre who he should thank for his rise in WWE after his comeback. Now The Showoff has an opportunity to back up his words at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules in a match against the Scottish Superstar for the WWE Championship. But there is a shocking turn, McIntyre has allowed Ziggler to pick the match stipulation for their bout, to which Ziggler is still yet to disclose his chosen stipulation. Before the match, Ziggler did outplay McIntyre and made this an ‘Extreme Rules’ match for Ziggler only, and if McIntyre does anything outside the rules of a normal single match then he will still lose his WWE Championship.

Despite the odds, McIntyre did retain his title with a Claymore even though Ziggler took complete advantage of his stipulation.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Match 7: Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt – Wyatt Swamp Fight.

Bell rings, The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules will be more dangerous when Universal Champion Strowman and Wyatt meet in a non-title Wyatt Swamp Fight. Wyatt did shock Strowman when he made his return a few weeks ago on Smackdown, and now he has set to lay his trap. Strowman did win over his old stable leader at Money in the Bank with Black Sheep mind games and will once again he will have to dig his inner demon to battle Wyatt. At the closing minutes, as Strowman and Wyatt were engaged in the fight in the lake water, The Fiend appears pulled them under the water.

Winner: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

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