WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020: Predictions and Updated Match Card

Match 1: Apollo Crews vs. MVP – WWE United States Championship Match.

Pre lapse: On June 15th episode of Raw (Raw 15th June: READ/WATCH), MVP tried to convince Apollo Crews that he needed a manager to continue his title reign which Crews declined. Next week, MVP tried to convince him again when Crews declined. MVP then challenged Crews for a non-title match and defeated him the following week (Raw 22nd June: READ/WATCH). In the next episode of RAW (Raw 6th July: READ/WATCH), MVP unveiled a new United States Championship title design and challenged Crews for that title at Extreme Rules.

My take: It’s been a long time since MVP has been booked this strong. I know Crews deserves the title but it’s also high time to make MVP the best heel. Raw has got only one best heel right now and that’s the VIPER RANDY ORTON. They need better heels. They can’t just stick with their old champs. MVP doesn’t deserve the title but he most certainly needs to win that match to be booked as a strong heel in the future.

Winner: MVP.

Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins – Eye for an Eye Match.

Pre lapse: On May 11th episode of Raw (Raw 11th May: READ/WATCH), when Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy, an enraged Rollins attacked Mysterio and pierced Mysterio’s eye using the corner of steel steps. When Mysterio was inactive during this time, his son Dominick stood up to Rollins (Raw 15th June: READ/WATCH). After an attack on Dominick, Mysterio challenged Rollins for—an eye for an eye match.

My take: I want Rollins to win the match. I mean Rey’s time is over. It’s time for Rollins to be booked strong as a heel. I thought we would get that sooner but it wasn’t happening. If Rollins wins this match he will be booked strong but unfortunately, I have to go with the odds.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

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Match 3: Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt – Wyatt Swamp Fight for Universal Championship.

Pre lapse: After Braun retained the championship against Bray Wyatt, Wyatt returned to Smackdown (Smackdown 19th June: READ/WATCH) after several weeks and taunted Braun Strowman. After weeks of taunts from the CULT leader persona of Bray, Strowman challenged him for a match at Extreme Rules. The match will be a ‘Wyatt Swamp Fight’ (Smackdown 3rd July: READ/WATCH)

My take: I’ll keep this short and simple. This match has my attention. My prediction is that Braun will win which means after the match the Fiend will come out and will stare or attack Strowman. If Bray is fighting Braun in his Cult Persona (as hinted on Smackdown) then definitely Braun is going to win.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

Match 4: Bayley vs. Nikki Cross – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Pre lapse: After weeks of attacking between fired up Cross/Bliss and Bailey/Banks, Cross finally earned a championship opportunity against Bayley by winning a fatal four-way match on Smackdown (Smackdown 26th June: READ/WATCH)

My take: Bayley has been doing a really good job on her character. A loss for Banks against Asuka and a win for Bayley. If that happens I hope someone would come out and taunt Banks which would make her challenge Bayley for a match. Banks vs Bayley is the match I was hoping for a long time. It is high time this must happen as the TV ratings are going down along with the poor bookings. A fired-up storyline between them would keep the show going better than ever or else it will be the same old storylines and matches we’ve seen tons of times. It’s high time WWE changes the way it looks its superstars.

Winner: Bayley.

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Match 5: Asuka vs. Sasha Banks – WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match.

Pre lapse: As the women’s championship is shared between RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Banks and Bayley can challenge anyone on the roster. Banks issued a challenge to Asuka which she accepted for Extreme Rules (Raw 22nd June: READ/WATCH)

My take: I already said about it in Bayley vs Nikki match. A loss to banks would make a brilliant feud with Bayley if booked in the right way.

Winner: Asuka.

Match 6: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler – WWE Championship Match. (Stipulation to be decided).

Pre lapse: After being drafted to RAW, Drew and Dolph saw success in a tag team winning RAW tag team titles but WWE had other plans for them when they broke up and Ziggler moved to Smackdown. After McIntyre won WWE CHAMPIONSHIP from Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 36: Day 2: READ/WATCH), in June, Ziggler interrupted him on RAW (Raw 22nd June: READ/WATCH) and taunted Drew for a title match at Extreme Rules. A stipulation is yet to be announced.

My take: I’ve been seeing the internet reviews that Drew must lose at Extreme Rules. Honestly, there’s no point in making him lose as he was being booked strong from the past few months. The booking on him has been going great. The stipulation will be announced at Extreme Rules as it wasn’t announced on the last Raw (Raw 13th July: READ/WATCH). The stipulation won’t come as a surprise to me as bookings towards other things have not been great so far. WWE booked McIntyre strong for the past few months and it would be a waste to make him lose to Ziggler.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Match 7: SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (Tables Match).

Pre lapse: After attacking New Day and making it a no-contest match on Smackdown (Smackdown 3rd July: READ/WATCH), Nakamura, and Cesaro have been taunting and attempting attacks on New Day for a few weeks until a match was booked between New Day vs Cesaro and Nakamura for tables match at Extreme Rules.

My take: The New Day has been very entertaining to the audience since their title reign. Cesaro and Nakamura earned their title shot by being a serious opponent and posed a threat to their tag titles. Ultimately, in the end, I want to see New Day come out on top. They proved to be a formidable tag team when they faced The Shield. Though they are not as strong and popular as the Shield, they got serious bookings and money on them when it comes to their tag title reigns.​

Winner: The New Day.

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