WWE To Introduce Adult Content, Details On Firefly Inferno Match, More On AEW Elevation, Impact Wrestling, Kenny Omega, Lucha Brothers

  • It’s been said that USA’s Network is upset with regards to the Raw’s ratings last week, they are suggesting some ideas but not open for adult content yet
  • TLC’s Firefly Inferno Match was originally pre-taped on Sunday afternoon
  • AEW has trademark ‘AEW Elevation’ and ‘AEW Dark’ as they will come up with a new wrestling show named Elevation
  • Impact Wrestling will shoot a promo with AEW Champion Kenny Omega in Florida. This material will be used for his match leading up to Hard To Kill PPV on January 16, 2021
  • Lucha Brothers contracts with AEW has expired on August 31st, it has been now extended to another year.

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