WWE WrestleMania 36 2020 Day 1 – 4/4/20 – 4th April 2020 Live Result

WATCH: WWE Wrestlemania 36 2020 Day 1 4/4/20 Online

The only WrestleMania which is too big for just one night! Don’t miss a historic two-night presentation of WrestleMania 36. Wrestlemania 36 Kick-Off begins with its first match.

Kick-Off Match 1: Drew Gulak vs Cesaro.

Bell rings, Cesaro goes straight to attack Gulak. Gulak holds Cesaro’s right arm and slightly twist it in a submission hold. Cesaro breaks the hold and tries to deliver the Neutralizer, Gulak avoids it and holds Cesaro in a submission by holding his right arm once again.

Later, both men attack each other outside the ring where Cesaro attacks Gulak brutally and throws him back into the ring. As Cesaro approached the ring, Gulak attacks him and goes for the pin as Cesaro kicks out at two counts.

Gulak then holds Cesaro again in a submission, where the pressure was applied on the right arm once again. Cesaro breaks the hold and pushes Gulak away to the corner of the ringside turnbuckle. Then Gulak comes running toward Cesaro and gets a right arm uppercut, Cesaro then delivers the Neutralizer to Gulak and pins him for victory.

Winner: Cesaro

The host of Wrestlemania 36 Rob Gronkowski was seen along with his best friend and WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley and together they start the show with some hype.

Match 1: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross.

Bell rings, Asuka and Bliss start the match. Asuka quickly tags ‘The Pirate Princess’ Kairi Sane. She enters and mocks Bliss and pushes her. Bliss quickly attacks Sane and tags Cross. Cross enters and holds Sane by chocking her neck at the ringside. Sane being near to her teammate, Asuka tags herself in, she enters and attacks Cross.

As Asuka was attacking Cross, she misses her punch seeing this Cross quickly tags Bliss. Bliss enters and attacks Asuka and jumps over her with a crossbody splash outside the ring and then throws her into the ring.

In the ring, Bliss twists Asuka’s right arm and tags Cross. Seeing and opportunity Asuka tags Sane. Then both Sane and Asuka attacks Cross out of the ring. Bliss quickly comes for her rescue and gets herself beat up.

Later in the ring, Sane and Asuka both delivered a double team basement drop slam to Cross. Sane the legal person in the ring continues to attacks Cross.

Cross runs and tags Bliss. Angry Bliss attacks both Asuka and Sane. Seeing an opportunity, Sane jumps over Bliss’s face with a double leg drop from over the ropes and goes for the pin as Bliss kicks out at two counts.

Sane then tags Asuka, she holds Bliss is a right arm submission and slam Bliss’s face to the ring. Seeing this the referee separates Asuka and Bliss, Sane quickly attacks Bliss from behind. Asuka then goes for the running bulldog which Bliss avoids and tags Cross.

Frustrated Cross enters the ring and attacks Sane. Sane quickly pokes Cross in her eye, despite this Cross attacks Sane and goes for the pin as it ends up in two counts.

Sane then tags Asuka, Asuka holds Cross in a submission hold, seeing this Bliss delivers Frog Splash from the top of the ropes and breaks the submission. Asuka gets up and attacks Cross and tags Sane.

Sane climbs the ropes, seeing this Cross also climbs up the ropes. Asuka then carries Cross over her shoulder, as Sane kicks Cross and go for the pin as she kicks out at two counts.

Cross recovers and hits Sane with a swinging neck breaker and tags Bliss. Bliss then delivers Twisted Bliss and pins Sane to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship for the second time.

Winner: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross – New Champion.

WATCH: WWE Wrestlemania 36 2020 Day 1 4/4/20 Online

Match 2: Elias vs. King Corbin.

Before the bell rings, Corbin brags about how brutally he attacked Elias on SmackDown and due to that he won’t be here physically for the match. Corbin then goes to declare himself the winner. Just then, Elias music hits and he walks out.

Seeing this Corbin runs towards him at the entrance ramp. Elias attacks him and throws him to the ring.

The referee rings the bell, Elias continues to attack Corbin with chest chops and punches numerous times. Seeing an opening, Corbin throws Elias outside the ring only to catch some air.

As Elias enters the ring, Corbin attacks him and goes for the pin as Elias kicks out at two counts. At this point, Corbin is frustrated he repeatedly delivers elbow punches to Elias’s shoulder.

Elias recovers quickly and kicks Corbin at his midsection and climbs the ropes to deliver a body splash, seeing this Corbin rolls out and Elias falls face-first to the ring. Corbin then attacks Elias and goes for the pin as he kicks out at two counts.

Both men get up on their feet. The referee caught Corbin attacking with an illegal move to Elias and stops him, seeing this opportunity Elias rolls Corbin from behind and pins him for victory.

Winner: Elias.

Match 3: Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler.

Bell ring, both women attack each other and then takes the fight out of the ring. Lynch was seen slamming Baszler to the ring side steps and throws her into the ring. Lynch then climbs the ropes and jumps over Baszler. Lynch then continues to kick Baszler at her midsection repeatedly.

Baszler quickly gains momentum and attacks Lynch and goes for the pin as she kicks out at two counts. The momentum shifted towards Lynch and she delivers punches repeatedly and goes for the pin as Baszler kicks out at two counts.

As Lynch goes to attack Baszler, ‘The Queen of Spades’ quickly holds her in a cross armbar and as Lynch tries to break the hold, Baszler kicks Lynch on her face and goes for the pin as she kicks out once again at two counts.

Lynch rolls out of the ring, Baszler follows her and picks her up by holding her leg and swings and slams her to the commentary table twice and throws her into the ring. In the ring as Baszler hold Lynch in a sleeper hold, Lynch rolls back and pins Baszler to retain her title.

Winner: Becky Lynch.

Match 4: Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan.

Bell rings, Zayn complains to the referee that Bryan’s ringside friend Drew Gulak is distracting him and he steps out of the ring. Zayn rolls out of the ring three times to avoid Bryan.

Finally, when Zayn enters the ring Bryan goes to attacks him, Zayn again rolls out. Bryan runs to attacks him, seeing this Nakamura and Cesaro stood up for Zayn. Gulak delivers a frog splash to them from the ringside. This allowed Bryan to hold Zayn and threw him to the ring.

Later, Bryan continues to attack Zayn in and out of the ring, then held him in a submission move in the ring. Bryan then places Zayn at the corner of the ringside turnbuckle and slaps him saying that he hasn’t earned any respect in WWE yet, with saying this Bryan delivers a running knee kick to Zayn’s face and goes for the pin as he kicks out at two counts.

Zayn’s gain momentum and attacks Bryan, Bryan turns the attacks over to Zayn and repeatedly kicks him to his face. Seeing this Gulak shouts the yes chants. Nakamura and Cesaro attack Gulak, Seeing this Bryan goes to attack them as he climbs the ropes when he jumps Zayn kicks him on his face and pins Bryan to retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Winner: Sami Zayn.

WATCH: WWE Wrestlemania 36 2020 Day 1 4/4/20 Online

Match 5: SmackDown Tag Team Champions John Morrison vs. The Usos’s Jimmy Usos vs. The New Day’s Kofi Kingston (Triple Threat Ladder Match)

Bell rings, all three men attack each other and rolls out of the ring to get the ladder each. Morrison attacks Jimmy and Kofi and places the ladder in the centre of the ring.

Morrison then continues to attack Jimmy and Kofi and goes to get the tag team title which is hanging on the top of the ring. Seeing this Jimmy pulls him down. Kofi enters and both Jimmy and Kofi teams up to attack Morrison. Then Morrison attacks Kofi and pokes Jimmy in his eyes and attacks him with the ladder.

Morrison throws the ladder out of the ring and approach towards Jimmy, seeing this Jimmy punches him to his midsection. Morrison was then placed at the over the ropes at the ringside turnbuckle by Jimmy, he then placed the ladder at the 2nd ropes at the turnbuckle and stand over it. Morrison attacks him and places him over the ladder and delivers Starship Pain to Jimmy.

Morrison then climbs the ladder to capture the tag team titles, seeing this Kofi jumps over the same ladder and throws Morrison down to the ring. Jimmy enters and attacks Kofi too.

Later all men were seen out of the ring where Kofi was the only man standing. He placed one side of the ladder to the ring and other to the commentary table and placed Jimmy on it. Seeing this Morrison approaches him, Kofi attacks him and places Morrison to the top of the ropes and goes to the other side of the ropes to jump over Jimmy.

Morrison quickly walks over the ropes and catches and delivers Spanish Fly move and slam Kofi to the ring. Jimmy gets up from the ladder and delivers Frog splash to Morrison. Jimmy then goes to capture the title Kofi stops him and pulls him down. Kofi climbs the ladder Morrison pulls him down.

Kofi attacks Morrison, Jimmy then places a ladder from the ropes to the ladder which is already standing in the middle of the ring. Jimmy slams Kofi’s face to the ring and delivers a Superkick to Morrison, he then places Morrison on the ladder placed at the ringside and climbs the ropes to jump over him. Morrison attacks him and throws him out of the ring.

Morrison then climbs the ladder to get the title Kofi too approaches him, both men were seen attacking each other. Just then Jimmy quickly gets a ladder and climbs up too.

All three men held the title ring (on which the title was placed over the top of the ring) and kept on delivering headbutts to each other. Kofi and Jimmy kept on delivering headbutts after headbutts to Morrison. Morrison fell to the ring with the titles thus retained SmackDown’s Tag Team Championship title.

Winner: John Morrison.

Match 6: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins.

Bell rings, Rollins punches Owens on his face. Owens rolls out of the ring, Rollins follows him as Owens turns around and punches him and throws him to the ring.

In the ring, Owens attacks Rollins and places him at the ringside for Cannonball Senton, seeing this Rollins rolls out of the ring as Owens follows him and attacks him.

As Owens tries to enter the ring to break the referees, ten counts, Rollins follows him and delivers Falcon Arrow to Owens at the ringside. Owens falls out as Rollins mocks him from within the ring.

As Owens gets up, Rollins tries to jump over him from the ring. Owens punches him from the mid-air and attacks him in the ring. Owens then quickly delivers a DDT to Rollins and climbs the ropes and then delivers Senton Splash and goes for the pin as it ends up in two counts.

Later, as Owens went to deliver a Stunner, Rollins avoids it and attacks Owens. Owens the places Rollins at the top of the ringside turnbuckle, as Owens was about to slam him down Rollins pokes him in the eye and attacks him. Rollins then carries Owens and throws him to the other side of the ringside turnbuckle. Owens rolls out of the ring.

Rollins follows him and hits Owens with the bell thus the referee disqualifies him. As Rollins was walking away with a smile, Owens grabs the microphone and demands Rollins to fight him again in a No-Disqualification match.

Seeing that Owens is injured, Rollins happily accepts the challenge and attacks Owens with the ringside steel steps, steel chair repeatedly. Owens quickly gains momentum and grabs the bell and hits Rollins with it twice.

As Rollins was in pain, Owens climbs the Wrestlemania sign and jumps over Rollins and throws him in the ring.

In the ring, Owens picks up Rollins and delivers the Stunner and pins him for victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens.

WATCH: WWE Wrestlemania 36 2020 Day 1 4/4/20 Online

The host of Wrestlemania 36 Rob Gronkowski was seen with Mojo Rawley where they were talking about the earlier matches later they were joined by R-Truth with his 24/7 Championship. Seeing an opportunity, Rawley quickly rolls him over and pins him to win the title.

Match 7: Universal Champion Goldberg vs. Braun Strowman.

Bell rings, Goldberg, attacks Strowman and delivers four Spears back to back this brutally damaged Strowman at the early stage of the match.

Goldberg then goes for the JackHammer Slam, Strowman blocks it and delivers three Powerslam at the beginning and one Running Powerslam and pined Goldberg to win the Universal Championship for the very first time in his career.

Winner: Braun Strowman – New Champion.

Match 8: The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles – Boneyard Match.

Styles mocks The Undertaker by coming at the graveyard in a coffin and waits for ‘The Deadman’. Just then The The Undertaker was seen making his way to the graveyard to face Styles in an American Badass style on his bike. This match is actually taking place in the Graveyard.

Without wasting any time The Undertaker attacks Styles. The Undertaker was seen controlling the match by attacking Styles over the van in which Styles reached the graveyard.

Styles delivers some punches to The Deadman and attacks him. The Undertaker quickly gains momentum and attacks Styles and throws him in the grave dug nearby. As he looks at it, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appears out of nowhere, he attacks them. As he was attacking them Styles hits The Undertaker with a marble slab on his back and punches him and demands him to give up.

Desperately The Undertaker jumps over Styles and ends up hurting himself. Styles mocks him by saying that he is nobody and he is not even a phenom. Styles verbally attacked The Undertaker by calling him that he is not even an American Badass.

Styles then picks up the steel plough and attacks The Undertaker with it and throws him in the grave and as he goes to bury him. The Undertaker suddenly appears behind him and attacks him. As Styles runs away, The Undertaker goes after him and raises his hand’s fire erupts behind Styles and he gets scared.

Seeing this Anderson comes to save Styles but instead gets a Tombstone by The Deadman. The Undertaker then picks up Styles and delivers a Chokeslam from the top of the stable as Styles falls on the ground.

The Undertaker gets down and carries Styles body and places him near the grave. The Undertaker was about to throw him in the grave Styles begs for mercy and tell him that he is sorry.

The Undertaker leaves Styles standing near the grave and walks away, as he was walking The Undertaker stops and kicks Styles on his face, thus Styles falls down in the grave and The Undertaker buries him and leaves the graveyard on his bike.

Winner: The Undertaker.

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