WWE’s Convoluted COVID Scheme

WWE’s travel plans to Florida is one of the most fun things you’ll hear. The state Florida has received a spike in number on the infected virus cases which caused other states to take preventive measures.

According to a report from the ringside news, “New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut announced that anyone flying into their state from Florida to Texas must go through a two-week quarantine. This is a big issue, Staff members including virtually every executive live in Connecticut so they can work at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford.”

This has caused problems to wrestlers working at the Performance Center, Ringside news continues, “Anyone coming from those prohibited areas now flying directly from Florida to New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey. Once in Philadelphia, everyone needs to figure out how to gt to their own destinations from there. It was described to us as “a mess” and one longtime staffer ironically reminded is that “this is a publicly-traded company.” They’ve flown people through Philly before, but “it’s everyone and like everything else, it’s a complete mess.”

With all this, it looks like WWE is heading to an increase in numbers of infected or a possibility in complete shutdown. Pro wrestling is always a neglective subject to media but if it would have been football or basketball then it would have been a big deal.

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